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Aura Frame on Wall Aura Frame on Wall
  • Striking design featuring brilliant HD display

    Aura Frames use the world's highest resolution display to ensure your photos look as good as the moment you captured them.

  • Expand your Aura

    Aura connects people around the world through a brilliant photo sharing experience.

Aura on Table Aura on Table
  • Your time is valuable

    Aura sorts and filters your photos so you don't have to. Smart curation and auto-cropping means you can spend less time organizing photos and more time taking them.

  • Not a tech whiz? No problem

    Wave your hand to change photos, view details, or like a photo – no app required. Motion and proximity sensors translate your gestures so all you see is the strikingly brilliant 1536 x 2048 ultra-HD display.

Aura in the Living Room Aura in the Living Room
  • Make yourself at home

    Aura knows the perfect brightness for any room at any time and goes to sleep when you do.

  • Endless possiblity

    Never run out of space with unlimited storage and zero subscription fees. Unlimited photos = unlimited sharing.

  1. Stunningly clear

    Photos display in vibrant clarity, presenting family photos beautifully.

  2. Timed perfectly

    Change photos at a pace you choose, or let Aura show you something new when you walk into the room.

  3. Private

    Share special memories with loved ones — no social media required.

  4. Easy-to-use app

    Simply choose the photos you want to share, and which frame(s) you want them to appear in.

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  • Ultra-High Density Display

    Your photos will look just as beautiful on your frame as they do on your phone.

  • Gesture Control

    Not in the mood for that photo? Don’t have the app nearby? Change photos with the wave of a hand.

  • Smart Slideshow

    Aura takes cues from its environment and will change photos based on its surroundings. You can also set it to change on a timer.

  • Energy Conscious

    Aura uses a minimal amount of energy, and the display will automatically go to sleep when the room gets dark.

  • Auto Dimming

    Your frame’s display stays the perfect brightness, no matter the time of day.

  • Many Ways To Display

    Hang your Aura on a wall or display it on its stand. Landscape or portrait, Aura will optimize your photos for the best fit.

"Best gift ever for my 87-year-old mom. She now gets to see photos sent from her 4 children and 8 grandchildren from across the country."

– Mona R., Wellington, FL

"I love mine so much that I got one as a gift for my family. We now have 3 of these!"

– Judy B.,

"My mother thinks I’m now the best child because of this gift."

– Eugene W., Guilford, VT

"To be able to see pictures of family, especially the grandkids, to relive fond memories and keep up-to-date on all that is happening in their lives."

– G. Palmer, Reston, VA

"We love our frame and have bought 3 for gifts. We never tire of seeing what picture is being shown."

– Tracie J., Castleton, VA

"We love that we can instantly and effortlessly send pics directly from our phone!"

– Linda, Tararac, FL

"With family living in different states and even countries, it’s great to see the pictures of all our children & grandkids. It’s the perfect gift for families that don’t live near each other!!!"

– Doug D., Huntersville, NC

"Best gift ever for my parents and my in-laws. Best way to stay connected. They love the changing photos!"

– Pam D., Pittsburgh, PA

"We are truly addicted to the frame... brings so many memories and smiles to us throughout the day."

– Stella C., Bath, MI

"Aura has provided my family who live overseas with a way to share photos and life. We love it."

– Georgia H., Melbourne, Australia

"It’s such a beautifully designed product that is so easy to use and gift!"

– Isabelle L., Sunnyvale, CA

"It was a gift from our daughter. We use it all the time. It's great when Nana and Papa can't be on an outing."

– Mark H., Litchfield, IL

"What an incredible experience seeing my loved ones instantly. It's all about the memorable magic moments!"

– Nancy M., Hingham, MA

Aura Frame in the Kitchen

A picture frame–reimagined.

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